Knowmetrics: knowledge assessment in the digital society

A new approach to the production and dissemination of scientific knowledge

The digital is completely transforming the way in which scientific knowledge is produced and disseminated, also in areas of research that have later been incorporated into the technological revolution, as is the case of Social Sciences and Digital Humanities. However, these new tools and digital artifacts do not always receive the academic recognition they deserve, even if the development of only one of these products makes a clean sweep of the professional career of a researcher.


Knowmetrics, evaluation of knowledge in the digital society aims to value the activity of digital humanists taking as a starting point the uniqueness defining their field of action, with a philosophy of open science, transdisciplinarity and orientation towards collaborative work (values that MediaLab UGR profoundly shares).


To this end, researchers in Social Sciences and Digital Humanities working in Spanish academic institutions will be identified; a taxonomy of digital academic artifacts developed in Digital Humanities will be created, as well as indicators for subsequent evaluation; and proposal for an integrated report that includes the various dimensions of academic life will be put forward. In a broader field, the digital impact of knowledge in universities as a whole will also be studied.


Funded by the BBVA Foundation, Knowmetrics is a project developed by Medialab UGR with researchers from various Spanish, European and American institutions.


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Photography: Visual representation of ‘Knowmetrics’ project , by Medialab UGR, con licencia CC by-2.0.

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