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Embed cultural heritage the right way

Kennisland, an Europeana Partner, have just launched Embedr, a tool to embed over 350,000 high resolution openly licensed Europeana images online the right way – with full attribution and the ability to zoom in and pan.

Embedr is a simple way to embed high-quality images from cultural heritage institutions. Embedr introduces a playful way to explore, share and use these images.


Embedding done right

The Emdedr about section says:

All of Embedr’s images are made available by cultural heritage organisations who have made a large effort to digitise their collections at high quality, and are willing to share them with a wider audience. Both the creators and the publishing cultural institutions deserve good attribution; acknowledgement for the work and for making it available to the public.

Attribution information is attached automatically when you embed an image from Embedr on another website. This means that you do not need to think about providing attribution anymore.


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