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Second Webinar Hadîth RAQMYAT/ حديث رقميات – Monday 6 July

Hadîth RAQMYAT is a series of meetings that aim to create a dialogue between researchers, teachers and students from both sides of the Mediterranean on the digital revolution that is impacting the way we teach and do research in all humanities and social sciences.

Second session: Monday 6 July 2020
Schedule: 4.30 pm (Tunis) – 5.30 pm (Paris – Granada)
Duration: 1h30
Second Session:

Digital tools for research in Humanities. Part One : Tunisia and Spain.

This second session will be divided into two parts. The first part will be devoted to the online tools and resources available in Tunisia and Spain for doctoral students in the human and social sciences.

The discussion will be divided into two questions:

  • How to do research today with digital technology?
  • What are universities making available?

The second part of this session will be held at the beginning of the academic year. It will deal this time with the French and Austrian perspectives.

Speakers :

  • Maurizio Toscano, Researcher at University of Granada.
  • Asma Nouira, Associate Professor at University of Tunis El Manar.


  • Kmar Ben Dana, Professor Emeritus at Manouba University.

To participate in the webinar, please register at this link.

Connection details will be sent to you on Monday 6 July at 9 am (TN)/10 am (FR).

Versión en español del evento

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